Tuesday, February 13, 2007

In the news...

A cure for cancer? simple, cheap, effective and unpatented? Maybe you've heard of DCA ... here's one cancer expert's take on why it doesn't match the recent hype.

I am grateful that so much work is being done on curing cancer, and I know treatments are improving every year ... does my immediate, gut-reaction skepticism against miracle cures make me a pessimist? I hope not!

More fun news: a company from Vancouver, Canada has just announced the first commercial quantum computer -- it only has 16 qubits, and it's not like any of the quantum computers being developed in academia -- but they claim it can solve hard problems involving optimizing solutions with a huge number of parameters. Is it really faster than conventional computers? Well, maybe we'll find out when they start letting people use it (over the internet!). I'm looking forward to the updates!


ps - check out science scouts in the links ... award yourself a badge!

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